Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beginners luck.

The Garrick are back from their 5 day holiday.
On Tuesday 27 July some nice size Garrick's came out,
Shads were full up and the Garrick's where hungry on the south peer.
Quinten member of Fihszone landed his first 2 beauties between 10.00 and
13.00.Left one 8KG and right on 8.96KG. Jaco van de walt that took
Quinten for his first one also landed a nice size one of about
13.8KG just as the sun came out. Jaco lost one big fish of +-100kg when a
knot in the line broke while the fish was heading straight for the deep.
Everybody's curiosity is still on about the unknown big fish.

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