Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kayak Fishing

In the good old day's we fished areas like Black Rock, Banga Neck, Rocktail Bay and all off those nice places. Fishes was plenty and times were great. We always knew that the sea is no playground and respected it in every way. By keeping this in mind we held a good clean record of zero accidents or injuries. Today, for our own safety, they prohibited the launching of any ski's from non registered launch sites.

These are just some of the pics to remind those die hard kayak fisherman still around that once we had good times.


Team Fish Zone

Sunday, July 26, 2009

South Breakwater, Richards Bay

For years this has been to spot to fish. Our South Breakwater always deliver proper catches. 

Be sure to contact us for any info of what is happening in Richards Bay     


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great catches

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Tight lines

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skipper Robin Vermaak. Boat Piromero Crew Stan & Tian

High point then Groenkop. On this day the Cudas & Snoek went ballistic. Absolutely
Hectic, what a memorable day this was.


Tiaan Oosthuizen caught these Dorado`s, skipper Robin Vermaak boat Piromero

These Dorries were caught early May. Good skipper, once again on a falling Barometer. Area R/Bay


One for the juniors" well done" Pierrie

Skipper Robin Vermaak and his son Pierrie, who caught this 12kg Cuda at Petingo R/Bay.


Skipper Robin Vermaak on Boat Piromero R/bay

Area R/bay: Cuda`s between 16&24 kg`s. Crew Stan & Tian


South Pier adventures

Chris Landman, Garrick 7 KG, Willem & Fred , Sammon 28KG, Ettienne Catface
Rockcod 4KG.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2008 Saltwater Stella Wins Best Reel

New for 2009, the Stella Saltwater range has been awarded ICAST and AFTA's best saltwater reel category. The culmination of years of research and Shimano’s latest in advanced reel technology - the Stella Saltwater (SW) series raises and once again sets the benchmark for quality in the high end spinning reel market.

 Built tough to serve 20kg-30kg of drag, you need the performance and build quality of the Stella for your best fighting chance when casting big poppers to reef edges for huge Giant Trevally or jigging for monster Dogtooth Tuna in the Coral Sea.

Shimano engineers managed to masterfully maintain the trademark operational smoothness of the range yet still achieve a significant increase in gear durability. This enhancement was to be called Paladin – featuring a cold-forged main gear and low wear-rate stainless steel pinion. Even more impressive is the fact that each model has received a decrease in overall weight which equals greater and more comfortable fishability.

Another essential component of the Stella SW is the Propulsion Line Management system, putting an end to virtually all line twist and wind knot issues – Propulsion Spool Lip with exclusive anti-scratch coating, ultra tough SR One-Piece Bail system, SR Arm Cam, redesigned Bail Trip and Power Roller IV with over-flange for the ultimate in line protection.

SW Concept provides a water resistant body and hyper disk drag (twin disk on 18000 & 20000), Assist Stopper (except 5000) and light-weight ergonomic handle. All models feature an even tougher re-enforced bail and rotor, stopperless design, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance and aluminium frame, rotor and sideplate.

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Skipper Pieter Lourens on the boat Teazer baged this 29.4 kg cuda

Pieter Lourens and Koos Bothma with a good day`s catch.


Fred Le Roux finally got his saily

Avid kayak fisherman Fred Le Roux landed himself this beauty of a saily some time ago from the shores of Cape Vidal. This Fish together with a Dorado of 16kg honored him with the title VK (Vidal King).

For more info about kayak fishing from Vidal or any other area feel free to contact us at Fish Zone, where great fishing begins.

Virtical jigging on high point R/bay

Einari Hakkinen and Jan Hattingh in action on the boat Seerover skipper
Dawie Erasmus who placed them right on the spot, Einari showing off
with his king fish.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dorado bull caught at small high R/bay

Some action photo's of a Dorado Caught by John Ward from the boat Teazer
Skipper Pieter Lourens

Spooning from the south pier

Tian Oosthuizen with this nice 7kg natal snoek from the front of the
south pier


Cuda 25kg court by Shaun on the boat Lekkerkry.

Skipper Gert Engelbrecht from the boat Lekkerkry with another big catch ...
a king mackerel of 25kg.


16 kg Mussel cracker Nhlabane 48m.on Sunday morning

Skipper Gert Engelbrecht with a 16 kg Mussel cracker and his crew with this good catch on Sunday morning. a Scotch man of 5kg, Engelish man of 5kg and a Dageraad of so 5kg was the fish that was caught for the day.


When not to launch

Good old days at Shangri-la.

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