Monday, September 28, 2009

Some photo's of my Zambezi Valley holiday.


The Tiger fish were caught on Chessa or Mabiri fish fillets in the Lower Zambezi River. They give a spectacular display once hooked. At this time of year the big tigers only feed on fish fillets and the smaller ones readily grabs a hook filled with earth worms. We tried, but to no avail, spinners” All Types" small Rapala`s and small spoons....but with no success.


The average size of these Lower Zambezi Tigers were between 1 Kg and Four Kg`s.Bigger ones were lost, either by in-experience or tackle failures.

Their is a definite similarity between our Dorado and the Zambezi Tiger. The aerial display once hooked is absolutely stunning. The moment the hook is set, the Tiger flies out of the water....your drag must be set correctly, otherwise you’ll lose it...and then all hell brakes loose. This fish just do not give up. Most fish were lost because once they are next to the boat; they try to scoop it with a landing net...BIG mistake. This is only when the tiger starts to fight. The only time you can think of a landing net is when it starts to circle next to the boat, same as our Dorries or Cuda.


I can also add: The Tiger fish fillets on a braai are absolutely delicious. A must try for anyone who ever lands one. Very easy to prepare and a wonderful meal after a hard days work. Another winner is the bream fillets...prepared with dough and deep-fried .A must for any serious fish lover. Yes more, do not forget the Castle/Millars to wash down this delicacy!!! 


We also caught different types of Bream species. I managed to land this one beauty on earth worm. Estimate weight of this MOZZIE "Mozambican Bream" +- 2.5Kg

The width between the eye sockets, measured at 90mm,"first looked like a Barbel".My own personal best. We also caught various other bream species including Pinkies, Three spots, more Mozzies and plenty of Chessa.

This was, besides the hunting, one of the BEST fishing trips I have ever had.



Skipper: Dawie v d Westhuizen

Anglers: Tian, Phillip Junior van der Westhuizen and Abraham with Tigers between 3&4Kg

Bait: Chessa Fish fillets & earth worms

Best time: Early morning or evening.

Venue: Lower Zambezi Valley at Shoba Camp next to Mana Pools.




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